Khari Digital, once Khari Entertainment, a Bronx based label that released the Ill Biskits in the mid 90’s, is now Hip Hop’s music, culture, and perseverance. As a tribute to the late Kleph Dollaz, the lead emcee of the Ill Biskits, Khari Digital’s About page is dedicated to his music and their movement.

Hailing from Petersburg, Virginia, the Biskits were a duo of emcees Kleph and Deeda; two friends who spent some time together in previous local Hip Hop crews before striking out on their own forming Ill Biskits (quite the name) around 1993. The next year, the group relocated to the Bronx, still repping VA hard as they pursued recognition and made some fruitful connections. The first was with producer Myke Low and the second was the legendary Lord Finesse, who dug their raps and introduced them to the Diggin’ in the Crates collective. Not long after, the Biskits released their fantastic first single, “God Bless Ya Life,” produced by Low with the incredible B-side, the Finesse-produced “22 Years.” The tracks gained a notable buzz in the underground community and soon Atlantic Records offered the Biskits a deal. Kleph and Deeda got to work on their debut, Chronicle of Two Losers: First Edition, a definite forgotten classic.

The Chronicle of Two Losers is just that; a record about the highs and lows of two boneheads out of an unexpected city trying to make their way in Hip Hop. In their world, the duo is struggling, working dead end jobs, getting ignored by crowds, laughed at by the ladies, and watching their neighborhood go under. The record details their aspirations and frustrations full of candor, self-deprecation, and some great rhyming from main emcee Kleph. The record sounds great too packing smooth and low-key beats coming from Myke Low, Buckwild, Jesse West, Tony L, and Lord Finesse.

Due to be released in the Spring of 1996, Chronicle of Two Losers was shelved by Atlantic at the last moment, leaving only a few promo copies in circulation as well as the single “Chill Factor” in limbo. The duo would call it quits not too long after. In 2008, label Khari Entertainment rereleased Chronicle… with extra bonus tracks, instrumentals, and remixes. Kleph, may he RIP, was later know as Kleph Dollaz!, and released, Square in the Circle in 2011.

Even though they consider themselves to be losers, Ill Biskits definitely had a winner with this record. Chronicle of Two Losers is a ‘90s lost classic.