50 Cent Is At It Again… New Collaboration With Reebok & Marvel For SMS Audio

'50 Cent' Holds Autograph Session

According to Billboard… 50 Cent’s four-year-old headphone company SMS Audio will be partnering with Reebok and Marvel for upcoming headphone launches, an announcement that came yesterday via a feature on the Rap Star in Fortune.

Billboard continues… The company already has exclusive contracts with Disney World and Disney Land, as well as the Star Wars franchise. “We believe those relationships, in a corporate sense, are just as good a strategy,” the company’s president Brian Nohe told Fortune. 50 added, “Beats is Nike, and we’re Adidas.”

The rapper still has a roster of celebrities who endorse his headphones, however, including Carmelo Anthony, Timbaland and most recently New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski.

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