December 8th, 2014, New York, N.Y.: HEADS Audio is proud to announce that the highly anticipated “BeoPlay H6 with DJ Khaled” headphones from B&O PLAY will be available today for purchase on Orders will be delivered early December, just in time for the holidays.

HEADS Audio brings high quality sound to a global audience of consumers, producers, engineers, musicians and DJs. With the ambition of re-defining the quality of DJ headphones, Heads Audio has teamed up with B&O PLAY “to bring an understanding of the importance of high quality sound to DJ’s, and to create a listening experience tailor-made for their ears – and their music” as HEADS Audio CEO Madeline Nelson puts it.

B&O PLAY provides unparalleled state-of-the-art sound that enhances the listening experience. Grammy Award winning DJ Khaled and HEADS Audio bring more than 20 years of trained hit maker experience – and the result of the three-way partnership is a unique headphone that caters to professional DJs and producers – as well as consumers longing for something truly special.

“The H6 with DJ Khaled, We the Best Sounds, is the best headphone in the game,” says DJ Khaled.

BeoPlay H6 with DJ Khaled is a powerful, flexible and comfortable over-ear headphone tuned to the needs of top producers and DJs – and made for a life devoted to club music. It packs a passionate deep punch, while maintaining the distinct and clean sound characteristics you would expect from a B&O PLAY product.

“HEADS Audio challenged us to make the best DJ headphone on the market,” says Henrik Taudorf Lorensen, VP of B&O PLAY, “working closely together in this three-way partnership we crafted a unique version of our H6 headphone that is great for both DJs and consumers.”

BeoPlay H6 is crafted from premium materials such as cowhide leather on the headband, soft lambskin on the ear cushions and solid aluminum mono-arms. Thanks to the comfortable memory foam on the ear pads, 180 degree rotation of the ear-cups and the overall ergonomics, you can wear BeoPlay H6 with DJ Khaled all day long.

The headband is super strong and it’s been lined with extra padding to secure rigidity and comfort. The mono-arms are both flexible and extra durable, designed to meet the demands of DJing.

The headphones have daisy chain-functionality for easy music sharing – plus an inline remote and microphone for hassle-free device control right from the cord. The collection fuses high quality sound with remarkably bold design, and is available in three striking variants – Black Golden, Red Golden, and Black Red.

The collection will retail for $399. Put your order in today!

ABOUT HEADS Innovation

Heads is a multi-layered Entertainment company that began with the vision of bringing an extraordinary audio experience to consumers. After accumulating more than 20 years of expertise in sound-recordings, and studio management, HEADS CEO Madeline Nelson brought a unique understanding for the importance of designing high quality sound. Established in 2013 as a sound technology incubator focusing on harmonics, engineering, art and defining sound, HEADS’ audio division is comprised of premium headphones, portable Bluetooth speakers and a surround sound music application, that will give the world a true “audio meets virtual” experience.


DJ Khaled is a multi-platinum artist, DJ, producer, radio personality and CEO of record label — We the Best Music Group. Khaled brings together the biggest names in music, having collaborated with Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, and Drake and recently co-executive-produced an album for Rick Ross. Known globally as the ”King of Summer Anthems,” with hits such as 2010’s ”All I Do is Win,” Khaled has sold over 14 million records. Khaled was born in New Orleans and raised in Miami, where his music empire is based.


Firmly grounded in decades of design excellence, craftsmanship and product innovation from Bang & Olufsen, B&O PLAY interprets the same values for a new type of contemporary products aimed at youthful, design-conscious urbanites with an active lifestyle. The B&O PLAY portfolio is made up of products, that are intuitive to use and easy to integrate into your daily life – at home or on the move.

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