Das EFX… One Of Hip Hop’s Most Innovative Duos All Time


One of the more innovative groups in Hip Hop history… Das EFX… burst on the scene in 92-93 doing what had never been done before…  “Nursery Rhyming” over Hip Hop tracks… making Hip Hop music “They Want EFX”…  that eventually became hit records and changed the rap game… Skoob (the books in reverse) and Krazy Drazy saw their style copied by many during that time period…  Why not… the style was crazy and set the world a blaze… What many wondered however…  was… How long can that style last?  What  may have hurt the group more was the fact that so many at that time bit their style eventually turning Das into ordinary rappers with a slight hint of their former selves on their follow up album “Straight Up Sewaside… You began to hear less and less of the “Iggidy Riggidy” on records and more traditional flows… The funny thing is they were nice rappers no matter what flow they had…  Das EFX put a style out there that worked… their look and energy carried them to the pinnacle of Hip Hop for a moment…


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