If You Got Dissed On 4:44… Would You Spit Back?


If you got dissed by Jay on 4:44… would you try and spit back at him? Or just take it and move on? Ether was a once in a life time record done by a once in a lifetime artist… Ok… maybe not once in a lifetime artist… but Illmatic will always be that shit… So for the rappers that got dissed… let it go… don’t go to the studio and try to spit some awful uninspiring lyrics that taint your career… Look at it this way… you got on 4:44 which was done by arguably one of the best MC’s to ever do it… I suggest let Jay get what he had to get off and everyone keep making bread…  What would someone really have to say about Jay anyway… not sure I could imagine anything being said about Jay that would be impactful… Nas did a great job of breaking the whole thing down… He kind of covered all the bases… Oh there is that thing with Solange if you want to go there… but Jay did the prudent thing by not swinging on a chick… Kudos to him for not being like Raven’s running back Rice… see where he is now… Maybe do like 50 and use this platform to boost your own product like “Power” which by the way is incredible… if you’re not watching that or “Ray Donovan” somethings wrong with you… On that note… I’m out!!!

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