It Needs To Be CED: Nothing to Report These Days?


So, I’m reading the newspaper as I normally do and on page 3 of the NY Daily News is an article of Beyoncé having a near miss of a wardrobe malfunction with a pic as well. Now, I understand the salacious mindset of papers, blogs and magazines in gaining an audience based on what they think we want, but it’s kinda ridiculous that this is not only being reported as news, but at the very beginning of a ‘family’ newspaper!!

They do have an entertainment and gossip section, which this type of ‘news’ is usually displayed, but I can’t believe that this is news nowadays. It’s bad enough that almost daily there is a Kardashian or a Jenner news ‘story’ popping up and it’s more important than, let’s say, education, politics or world news.

Some of the publications I’ve worked at say that you give the people what they want and that’s almost true. But, give your audience an alternative and you create the type of audience that will pick up or view your publication because you are deviating from what’s considered normal these days.

Well, what can you do? You call yourself a business magazine or a news organization and you’re trying to keep up with TMZ and countless other publications that were created for the type of content they report. And then get mad when you can’t even report it correctly or in the time the sites you’re trying to copy, so, you’re still behind…..

Just thinking out loud…… Carry on….

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