Joell Ortiz & !llmind Announce Tour


Joell Ortiz & !llmind Announce Human The Tour

Tour Kicks Off July 22nd in NYC

New York, NY, June 25, 2015Joell Ortiz and !llmind have teamed up to release a new project titled Human set to drop on July 17th 2015. The duo will kick off the official tour for this project, human.The Tour next month on July 22nd. The concert tour will start in New Jersey and the hometown of Joell Ortiz, New York City, making various stops throughout the nation including Philadelphia, Cleveland, Chicago, Missouri, Colorado, California, and more.

Joell believes the opportunity to give back to the fans on that stage means everything. “When I look into that crowd and see the people rocking with me, i experience a natural high that words can’t explain. It’s such a rush,” said Joell, “I’m one of those artists that stresses over having a great show because it’s important that everyone who came out to see me feels like I went up there and gave them everything I had in appreciation of their support. I love meeting new people, experiencing new energy, and seeing new places. That’s what tour is all about.”

Stay tuned for more news from Joell Ortiz.


7/22 – Stanhope House (Stanhope, NJ) TICKETSVIP

7/23 – The Wick (Brooklyn, NY) TICKETSVIP

7/26 – California Brew Hous (Rochester, NY) TICKETSVIP

7/28 – Club Elegance (Pittsburgh, PA) COMING SOON – VIP

7/29 – Phantasy (Cleveland, OH) TICKETSVIP

7/30 – Bobby McGees (Chicago Ridge, IL) TICKETSVIP

8/1 – Emerson Theater (Indianapolis, IN) TICKETSVIP

8/2 – The Demo (St. Louis, MO) COMING SOON – VIP

8/4 – Riot Room (Kansas City, MO) TICKETSVIP

8/5 – Cervantes (Denver, CO) TICKETSVIP

8/7 – Las Palmas (Los Angeles, CA) TICKETSVIP

8/12 – Leo’s (Oakland, CA) TICKETSVIP

8/14 – TBA (Sacramento, CA) COMING SOON

8/22 – Middle East (Boston, MA) TICKETSVIP

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