Lil Wayne… “Sorry 4 The Wait 2” Mixtape… Out Now

So you still have to wait for “The Carter V”…  But Lil Wayne in the meantime gives you the 17-track sequel…

Sorry 4 The Wait 2 Track List:

1. “CoCo”
2. “Sh!t”
3. “Trap House”
4. “Selsun Blue”
5. “Used to” feat. Drake
6. “No Type”
7. “Fingers Hurting”
8. “Hot Ni**a”
9. “HolyWeezy”
10. “Drunk in Love” feat. Christina Milian
11. “U Guessed It”
12. “Try Me” feat. Mack Maine
13. “Preach” feat. 2 Chainz
14. “Alphabet”
15. “No Haters”
16. “Admit It” feat. SNL
17. “Dreams and Nightmares”

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