Lord Finesse’s “The SP1200 Project: A Re-Awakening” Going Digital

Floppy disk and DAT archives are the only way to make this project happen… It helps if you have the 1200 and 950… The younger generation may not know too much about the machine or the sound it produces… Hip Hop production was different in the 90’s… From the outside looking in… it seemed a lot harder to get sounds to sync up and grooves to blend together… Sampling was truly an art form of its own… On March 10th Lord Finesse and Slice of Spice bring you “The SP1200 Project: A Re-Awakening” digitally… 19 tracks of that rare sound all produced by Lord Finesse… The project will include 8 new tracks… In 2014… Finesse and Slice of Spice collaborated to put out the SP1200 project on vinyl… The concept was a smash… And now the digital project will be available next month…

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