Pete Rock… ‘Cosmic Slop’

Cosmic Slop is a beat I made that gave me a feeling of cruising down the highway on a very nice day or night in the summertime seeing all kinda people outside enjoying themselves. The video just gives you a lil knowledge on the vibes I was feeling when i was making the track“- Pete Rock

Today, we get a rare glimpse into the world of Pete Rock in his new video for the song Cosmic Slop. Secluded in a room, alone with his MPC, Pete sits down and does what he does best, what he has earned his reputation as a legend from, what he loves: making beats. The new video premiered today at Rolling Stone (here). Pete captures the signature swing and sway that came to be the standard for hiphop production for a generation. Don’t mistake the style for simple. The meticulousness of Pete Rock’s craft can be heard in the nuances of the production- the elegant, tactile side of production.The new album comes out June 23rd on Mello Music Group



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