The Series: A Hip Hop Collabo


From a lyrical perspective… It doesn’t get much better than this… Lord Finesse and Big L team up on the “Yes You May” (Remix) and deliver a classic for the ages… This is straight up some Hip Hop shit that you remember and quote… Finesse and L hit you with punchline after punchline… This song embodies the Hip Hop Collabo series… The“Yes You May” Remix could have been released with the acapella and heads would still nod to this… Hip Hop is about styles… We previously featured “Scenario” with A Tribe Called Quest and L.O.N.S… That was a track filled with varying styles… Big L and Lord Finesse are somewhat similar… both street related MC’s… the constant with them is they go for the knockout with memorable lines that make all the heads jaws drop… RIP to Big L…


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