The Series: A Hip Hop Collabo

The meaning of Hip Hop collabo has changed quite a bit over the years… Once known as a treat to the Hip Hop consumer… the Hip Hop collabo has become the norm in today’s Hip Hop… Albums are littered with features… they are no longer collabo’s… Today artist need each other to sell records… You can argue that there are no solo Hip Hop artist out there anymore… I’m all good with change but there was something special about artist with different styles complimenting each other on a track… It was almost like artist battled each other on the same track… There have been great collaborations in Hip Hop over the years… and Khari Digital will break down 10 in a Hip Hop collabo series… not greatest… just 10 that had meaning to the game and still resonate throughout the Hip Hop community today… Today we feature Tribe Called Quest with the “Senario” Remix

The song featured: Q-TipBusta RhymesPhifeHood who actually passed prior to the release of the single (RIP)… Charlie BrownDincoMilo


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