Watch: Clip For VH-1 Hip Hop Drama ‘The Breaks’ Featuring Mack Wilds…


From the ‘Wire’ to ‘The Breaks’ and in between an album that should have gotten more notoriety… Wilds hopes to gain some attention of viewers who have so far slept on his many talents…

According to Billboard… The VH1 original movie follows the journey of three friends Nikki (Afton Williamson), David (David Call) and DeeVee (Wilds) as they pursue their love of hip-hop and try to rise above the tough streets of 1990 New York City and make their mark in the music biz.

The film is inspired by Dan Charnas’ book entitled The Big Payback, a narrative history of the hip-hop business, and its written, directed and executive produced by Seith Mann (The Wire, The Walking Dead, Homeland)


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